I’m no make-up artist. But Last year I pretty much aced the kids’ halloween costumes using makeup and supplies I already had. I thought since the season is upon us again I would revisit the awesomeness that was Halloween 2015 đź‘ż

I made a fake skin by mixing together talc, vaseline, and regular makeup foundation. I used that to create all the wounds and gnarly textures on all of the kids and then used a finishing powder and eyeshadows to set everything and create bruising. And lipliners and eyeliners for veins. Worked pretty good!

I had so much fun doing this!

I wish the kids would be zombies every year- the pictures are too fun!

The year before this, my gingy was a zombie too and we got a few good shots of her in a morning fog before school. 


One thought on “ZOMBBIEEESSS

  1. Very endearing zombies. You are a lucky mom. I just watched a British zombie flick “The Girl With all the Gifts” More of a thoughtful, introspective version of the genre.


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