I’ve been really wanting a large area rug but it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t cost a fortune. I’ve seen a few painted rugs on Pinterest that looked pretty nice so I thought I would give it a try and I’m glad I did! I love how it turned out!

I bought a 9’x12′ thick cotton drop cloth and some matte BeautyTone paint in London Fog from Home Hardware for a total of $70.

The dropcloth is pretty thick but wasn’t stiff enough to hold it’s shape under traffic so I started out by folding the edges multiple times and ironing them down to strengthen up the mat. I ended up with about 4 layers of dropcloth folded into each edge.

Each time I started a new round of folds I cut the corner off to reduce bulk.

Once all of the folding and ironing was done I used speed-sew to glue the folds in place.

Then came the ironing of the rest of the dropcloth. I had to use a spray-bottle of water because those creases were stubborn!

Next came the painting of the dropcloth. 


I made the mistake of assuming the paint wouldn’t go through, and it cost me an hour of scubbing paint off the floor.


Back to painting (I used a heavy pile roller)

While the paint dried, I crafted up some stamps using some corkboard and waited for them to dry before beginning the tedious task of hand-stamping the entire rug.

I darkened some of my paint with black to get a deeper grey shade and began by filling up my stamp:

And got to work!

I chose to stamp instead of paint directly onto the mat because I wanted to get that blotchy aged look. 

The stamping process took almost 2 hours. It was very tedious, but it was worth the effort!


3 thoughts on “DIY DropCloth Area Rug

  1. Very nice! I did something similar in our living room. I desperately wanted either a cowhide or a zebra print rug to go under our coffee table, but we really did not need to spend that kind of money on a rug, so I bought a drop cloth, cut it out into an animal skin shape, and painted it with a zebra pattern. I’m pretty pleased with it, and I’m pretty sure it cost less than $20 🙂


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