The time has come for me to accept that my baby is no longer an infant and that I must start teaching him to sleep in his crib if I ever want a good nights rest again. 

The only solution is to set him up with his youngest sister in the only other bedroom that is on the same floor as ours. It is small! She previously shared it with her 7 year-old sister and they had bunkbeds. 

Now 7 year old sister has moved up with 11 year-old sister and brought her bunkbeds with her. 

The challenge: hubby the hunter insists we mount some of his antlers SOMEWHERE in the house. He also never gets much say in decor, so I had to figure a way to make camo and hunting themes work. 

So here I am with this big ole moose rack and camo crib bedding and I’m tasked with making it work in a gender-neutralish room for the daughters sake. She’s not so much about pink and barbies but she loves her butterflies and kitties. 

NATURE! I decided we would try for a nature theme with a scandenavian kinda simplistic look.

First thing I did was paint the walls a light grey.

I chose to paint her funky dresser a sort-of peachy orange by mixing the pink paint it was previously coated in with a tinge of yellow.



See the little cariboo antler? For to display future macaroni necklaces and such.

I also painted the dresser a lighter shade of the grey that went onto the walls. Pretty much white.

The green curtains came with the house. I tried to give them away ages ago but had no takers so they’ve been in storage for years. They arent perfect but for something free that I already had, they’re perfect enough!

I also have an assortment of pillows that normally reside in the Boho Guestroom in the basement and found a similar green throw pillow to match the curtains as well as a peachy pink one to tie in the dresser. 

An antique throw blanket made by my dear gran sometime around the 70s finally has a place in our home now too

The chandelier was a bit too frufru I think for the space so I swapped it out for a cheapo Amazon cord light with a paper lantern for a shade.

Chandelier before

Paper lantern after

In the room previously there were various paper lanterns and pink paper poufs hanging from the ceiling. I saved a couple to put back up in my daughters’ corner.

The bear rug was a thriftstore find a year ago! I put back her butterflies for now. When I find a suitable lamp I may move them. The little wooden shelf was also a thriftstore find and will house my collection of glass deer figures and ornaments and whatever else she wants to put up there.

We are trying to minimize clutter and reduce the amount of time we spend dealing with STUFF. A few simple storybooks with a catchall basket to save unfinished lego projects or coloring supplies until they are properly put-away is all we need to keep here.

A trunk for legos, a picnic basket full of toy foodstuffs, and a bottom drawer for miscellaneous toys solves all our storage problems. 

I have to say; I’d prefer her bed to be a little less feminine and I might replace it some day. 

Its funny how a room can take on it’s own life; this isnt exactly the nordic style room I originally planned for. But as I dug around the house to find ways to save money and use what I have, it became it’s own kind of awesome. And I never would have happened upon the peachy-green color combo (which I love!) if it werent out of necessity!


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