Hi, I’m Destiny. 

Mama to five beautiful crazies; wife of a sexy hunter sawfiler. Crazy about crafting. Pretty good cook; great baker. Tempermental and inconsistent but passionate and genuine. Disorganized. Ambitious but a procrastinator. I love fixing the broken and making the old new again. 

I used to scout out cheap furniture and decor pieces at thrift stores and garage sales, acquiring unloved furniture and decor from every secondhand sale I passed, which quickly turned into a small side-business. I used paints from the local recycle depot to give pieces a fresh look. 

I’ve always loved making things, and I keep my hands busy painting, sewing, crocheting, woodwork, and anything else that provides the gratification of creating something new. 

I’ve come to find my passion for decorating through frugally rethinking the discarded. 

I should have started a blog a long time ago because there are so many projects I’d love to share and now I dont know where to start! But its always been my mantra that when it comes to creating something you love, the biggest step is the first one. So jump in and I’ll show you some of the ways I’ve made our home uniquely ours with cheap, free, found, and made stuff!

Happy painting 😄


One thought on “♡About Me♡

  1. Looks great! You sound a lot like me in terms of projects. We have 5 kids as well…not something you hear much these days. Looking forward to reading more in the future!


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