Frugal Tree Flocking with Dollarstore Supplies

Frugal Tree Flocking with Dollarstore Supplies

My mom in law told me that flocking your Christmas Tree is something they did back in the 80s but evidently it’s back in style again! Shopping around town I saw price tags as high as $300 for a flocked tree and that’s way out of the price range for a lady who already has a perfectly good fake tree at home.

I started drybrushing white paint on my old tree branches at home which looked ok but didn’t give it much texture or dimension.

BUT while in the craft section at my local Dollarama, I came across a bag of ‘paper mache fibre’ for 3 bucks. It looked well-enough like snow so I set out to do some flocking with it!

I watered down elmers glue and applied it everywhere I wanted the flocking to stick and then just sprinkled the mache fibre on top. 

Yes, it was a messy process!

Here’s some progress pics as I added finished branches to the tree:

You can see that it did flake and leave a mess as I put the branches back on the tree. The mache fibre came smelling kinda gluey so I assumed that wetting it would harden it. So I spritzed the finished tree with water. It worked! It set the remaining flocking perfectly and reduced the actual snowing-down of remaining fibre. 

Not bad for $3 and some glue and paint I already had on hand! 

Here it is all set up after the kids and I put all of our decorations up and topped it with the star I made out of old chair spindles and my granny’s crocheted tablecloth as the tree skirt

And a letter A for the Ashdown Family ♡

Merry Christmas Xx


Upcycled Chair Spindle Tree Topper/Star

Upcycled Chair Spindle Tree Topper/Star

I have been set on doing a really elaborate rustic farmhouse style Christmas Tree this year and it seems that anything of quality at the local stores costs an arm and a leg. So I got on Pinterest and found some cute wooden stars that piqued my interest and got to thinking about how I could make my own.

I’ve had a small collection of dowels/spindles from the various wooden chairs that have broken over the years in our house and decided to wing it and I love how it turned out!

I taped and then predrilled holes to screw the dowels together in the shape of a star.

I had an old tree topper with some lights in it that I wanted to use on the new topper so I took it apart and saved the lights

I gave the new star a quick coat of paint and hotglued some pinecones and foliage to it, wrapped the lights around it, and- TaDa! Pretty darn cute 🙂

I even turned a wire coat hanger into the mounting spring by twisting it around a pole in the drill to get the shape and inserting it into a predrilled hole in the star.

I never set up the tree until after my sons birthday at the end of November but I’m excited to see how it looks all lit up atop the family tree!

Hallowe’en 2016-Dollarstore Haul

Hallowe’en 2016-Dollarstore Haul

Crispy air, fuzzy blankets, dreary weather; I always feel the tight, cold squeeze of a long winter set in around this time. We live in the north and get snow for 9 months of the year so this time of year brings me a bit of meloncholy. I love how apt it is that this is also the time to celebrate the goth, the darkness, and the eary. I love authentically spooky halloween decor for just that reason; it reflects a romanticised version of what could be a very blah time of year. Plus, pumpkin, spiced rum, and eggnog! Here’s what I have been doing to get into the Halloween Spirit this week ♡

First of all, I usually go to the thriftstore for decor stuff because it’s better quality and cheaper and it’s re-used. But this year I found so much good stuff at the dollar store! 

I got some photo frames, a crow skeleton and some pumpkins (that I Painted White) and put them next to pretty iron urns from the garden to line my ‘mantle’ aka t.v. stand. I probably spent 7 bucks on this stuff! 

I have this cool old developer bottle the hubs found on a hunting hike. It now holds a bouquet of dollarstore hydrangeas and sits next to an old ceramic bust I found at a yard sale years ago. The cool reusable vinyl mirror-ghost was also a dollarstore find. They’re really uppin’ their game at the d-store! 

And more d-store hydrangeas:

I also found some sweet transfers there too that are basically temporary tattoos. Husband drinks this stuff called kambucha that comes in these cool brown bottles which were perfect for the transfers. I totally messed up the application but still think they are perfect!

And check out the skull drink jars! WITH LIDS!

The kids and I made this creepy peeper by taping boxes and cans together into the shape of a torso and shoulders. We made a head by stuffing a plastic bag with newspaper and then we put a dollarstore wig on her and some d-store limbs taped to her cardboard torso.She makes me feel safer at night 😂 She needs a name.

I love this season so much and I will totally be the crazy lady with the whole elaborate set up when the kids get a little older and I have the time. But for now, pulling off a few small touches is a win in my books!
 Happy Haunting 👿